About the project

The project of restoration of the upper courtyard of the Lupca Castle is co-financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area and the state budget of the Slovak Republic.

Restoration of the courtyard has two main objectives:


Drainage of the upper courtyard resolves one of the major technical problems of the long lasting dampness of the castle walls, their degradation and deterioration. It is a replacement of technically obsolete drainage of the upper courtyard of the castle, which significantly reduces the seepage of water from precipitation, and together with water from neighboring roofs seeps into the subsoil and gradually degrades the lower levels, masonry foundation and the basement of the castle. Composition of new layers with waterproofing membranes and laying of the stone pavement is a guarantee for a long term protection of historic building structures from further degradation. By repairing this key issue of the courtyard will help to avoid emergence of serious structural defects.


The aim of the listed restoration is also the rehabilitation of the original masonry of the upper courtyard, restoration of facades adjacent to the courtyard and technically gentle protection to bringing back the original historical look without negative impacts to the construction materials of the historical landmark. By restoration we will achieve to bring back the authentic historical character and eliminate several secondary interventions that there have been constructed during the twentieth century.

Within the project supported by the EEA we will also built the “dry pipeline” (dry pipeline for fire protection water leading from the lower courtyard), by which it will significantly improve the fire protection measures of this historically valuable landmark.

What the reconstruction will bring?

By the renewal of the upper courtyard it will create another refurbished, comprehensive part of the castle - a beautiful historical complex of the castle, which will provide the space for a variety of cultural, social and educational activities.
- Extends the exposition space of the castle complex,
- creates space for exhibitions of regional, national, and international artists,
- creates space suitable for organizing of fencing historical reenactment performances,
- creates space for demonstrations of folk handcrafts,
- created space for organizing enjoyable evenings of classical music concerts,
- and last but not least, a space full of ancient atmosphere, attractive to visitors longing for history in one of the best preserved castles in Slovakia.

By reconstructing the jewel of Horehronie we will pay respect to our national past and at the same time we are saving the jewel of architectural and cultural heritage of the Slovaks.

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